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Bring hope to a hopeless person

Murula Health is a Community Center that was established with the main objective to support children kids without parents, the widows as well as the elderly who are at a disadvantage economically, socially and intellectually.
The target population is located in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the founder comes from.
Members involved in day to day operations of the organization are mostly local residents and thus have that first-hand experience on the problems they are trying to solve.
The organization aims to reach out to those children who cannot look after themselves - those who feel hopeless , without adequate livehood, parents, family or job prospect such as widows and the elderly.

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About the Founder

"It started when i was young "

Mr Murula Papi, the founder of Murala Health has developed his philanthropic spirit from a young age. It all started when his father, who was working for an orphanage, took him along to the work place. Papi witnessed the hardship facing the kids at the orphanage as well the widows in the community and he decided to stay close to them by making random visits on Fridays. It became painful when the center could no longer afford to cater for the kids in every aspect due to lack of funding.
When he was only ten years old, he started sharing whatever he could with the suffering children he had made friends with.
This included his clothes, food parcels and his own time.
Believing it was his calling, he promised himself and his father that when he comes of age, he would ensure that somebody’s life is touched by his dedication to support those who cannot look after themselves. Motivated by the positive outcome he witnessed in grown-up children from his father’s orphanage, for the past 3 years, he has dedicated part of his income to helping orphans, the widows and the elderly in the East of the Congo, where he comes from.
Due to an increasing demand to support more and more children (5550 supported so far), Papi has registered Murula Health and Oprhanage as a way to seek out possibility to support more. He believes there will always be people with good heart to join in and sponsor some of the activities such as food donations, clothing material, staff stipend etc.. Join him in donating today

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